Minwoo partner

Partner Pharmaceutical Advisors. Aug 2008 – Present 11 years 10 months. President Integrity PharmaConsulting LLC. Aug 2008 – Present 11 years 10 months. Head of DS Development and Manufacturing 세계 최대 비즈니스 인맥 사이트 LinkedIn에서 Minwoo (Aiden) Ko님의 프로필을 확인하세요. Minwoo (Aiden)님의 프로필에 4 경력이 있습니다. LinkedIn에서 프로필을 보고 Minwoo (Aiden)님의 1촌과 경력을 확인하세요. BTS’s Jungkook and Shinhwa’s Minwoo reunited! On June 28, Jungkook shared two photos with Minwoo to BTS’s Twitter account. He wrote in the caption, “Bromance” and added a thumbs up emoji. Minwoo Chadwick Yim, 23, is an exchange student at the University of Washington from Sydney, Australia. September 2017 was his first time touching down or setting foot on American soil, despite previous travels to Asia and around Oceania. He’s the first of his siblings to live so far from home, especially for so long. BTS’s Jungkook Reunites With “Celebrity Bromance” Partner Shinhwa’s Minwoo. Jun 28, 2019. Watch: 95-Line Male Idols Star In Fun Teasers For New Reality Show. Jun 19, 2019. About. Minwoo is the founder and President of Trillion Star Capital LLC, a private family office trading primarily global macro strategies in liquid interest-rates, currencies and equity indices. Minjee Lee reacts to her brother's success. (Photo by Jack Thomas/Getty Images) Getty Images. Minjee’s first win on major tours came in her 29th start, Min Woo’s in his 41st and it was an ... Finding a good partner does seem to be the real issue right now. What's with the deluge of divorces between gold diggers, incompatible people, cheaters, the Hwang Hana type, marriage is a ...

Is Season 2 (or more) worth it?

2019.04.21 09:49 pantamy Is Season 2 (or more) worth it?

When the show bowed down to its final episode, we find it hard to accept and having withdrawals and sometimes wish there'll be an another season due to open ending, unresolved plot, continuation of the story and etc. S2 is possible due to high ratings, positive feedback from viewers but, is it necessary to have 2nd season? If it does, we really hope that the same casts and staffs will do it again to resolve those scenes, more OTP moments etc, but there's a slim chance that will happen due to their various reasons. If S2 is confirmed but different casts and staff, is it worth it to watch? Are you worried that it may ruin the show due to different casts or the former is just so good that you felt that another season is unnecessary since the casts and/or staff are changed?
What I noticed is that there are a lot of multiseasonal dramas that will air this year. Here are a few dramas and their changes:
Not all multiseasonal dramas are perfect and there is always a flaw when it comes to S2, and I think it's the trend today in KDramas?
EDIT: added some wordings. Should've changed the title to'Is multiseasonal dramas necessary'? Ahhhh.
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2018.02.28 16:45 Redditor_questions [Introduction] Sentinel Protocol;Brief run through of project, goals and aim

Sentinel Protocol Website https://sentinelprotocol.io/
Sentinel Protocol Whitepaper English: https://sentinelprotocol.io/Sentinel-Protocol-Whitepaper_ENG.pdf Chinese: https://sentinelprotocol.io/Sentinel-Protocol-Whitepaper_CHN.pd Korean: https://sentinelprotocol.io/Sentinel%20Protocol%20Whitepaper_KOR.pdf Japanese: COMINGSoon
Sentinel Protocol:

Sentinel Protocol is a Security Intelligence Platform for Blockchain that utilizes both Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Collective Intelligence to protect and secure block chains that utilizes the Sentinel Protocol Platform. Sentinel Protocol uses the DPOS (Delegated Proof of Stake) consensus in securing and processing the blocks.

How Does Sentinel Protocol ensures security within the system?

Sentinel Protocol ensures security within the blockchains with 3 methods:

  • Threat Reputation Database (TRDB)
  • Machine Learning Engine Integrated Security Wallet (S Wallet)
  • Distributed malware analysis sandbox (D - Sandbox)
  • Sentinel Portal
Threat Reputation Database(TRDB) Aims to have a decentralized database of threat information, making it possible for data to be stored in the blockchain and to be shared between security vendors. Database is to be built and consolidated through security experts with information of previous threats, threats data from machine learning and general public through auto and manual reporting. TRDB ensures threats data and information is being shared between vendors, lowering the chances of cyber crime. Being stored in a decentralized manner also prevents any corruption of data. With such transparency, organizations or companies can access the data easily and to prepare themselves for any attacks.
Machine Learning Engine Integrated Security Wallet (S Wallet) S wallet is completely free, but integrating machine learning is a paid service. Machine learning integration helps protect your wallet by leveraging the data collected on the TRDB to prevent any attacks from happening, also to respond to unknown attacks based on past and present cases.
S wallet also helps in filtering wallet addresses, URL filtering, Data filtering and a Fraud Detection System.
Distributed Malware analysis Sandbox (D Sandbox) D Sandbox is a paid service where users can make use the sandbox to run suspicious software and programmes. Thus, isolating the process and to be able to find the root source of issue without compromising any system.
Sentinel Portal Sentinel Portal is directly linked to TRDB where users and sentinels can submit suspicious claims and activities via the portal. E.g, A scam address, a phishing website, suspicious transferring of funds.Claims submitted will be vetted through by reputated sentinels. Of which, if the claim is valid, users/sentinels will be rewarded with Sentinel Points (SP)


TRDB: to store databases of threats and risks from past events
S Wallet: to detect and deter possible threats in real time with machine learning and TRDB. New data then be stored in TRDB.
D-Sandbox: Running codes and programmes on a an isolated machine. Retrieval and inputting of data in TRDB to detect and store new threat information.

Token Economics and Consensus

Sentinel Protocol adopts the DPOS (Delegated Proof Of Stake) Consensus to govern and run the block chain. Delegates are made up of reputable sentinels, which, reputation is dependent on the community's vote. There are to incentives system, which are Sentinel Points and UPP tokens.

Sentinel Points(SP)
Sentinel Points or SP are points rewarded to the sentinel by doing POP (Proof Of Protection).
Proof Of Protection -Reporting cyber securities activities (e.g. Reporting scammer's address or malicious websites) -Running D-Sandboxing Computation on S wallet (To provide computational power for usage of D-sandboxing) -Writing articles or promoting awareness of Sentinel Protocol or cyber security issues.
Uppsala Token (UPP)
UPP is to be used as a medium for value transfer, where services and features are to be paid in UPP.
How do I get UPP? -Participate in the Pre-Sentinel Programme (http://bit.ly/presentinels) -To earn Sentinel Points then to be converted to UPP -Exchanges
Where can I use my UPP? -Machine learning capabilities on the S wallet -Usage of D-Sandboxing -More to come
*Sentinel Points can be converted to UPP tokens, rates will be dependent on pricing of UPP and to pay out accordingly. This will create an ecosystem where efforts are recognized and rewarded with UPP while UPP is to be used for services provided by sentinel protocol.
Important Note: SP can be converted to UPP. But UPP cannot be converted into SP. SP are strictly attained by contributing to the cybersecurity aspect of the project (as mentioned above)


Sentinel Protocol's team is made up of professionals that have many years of experience in the cyber security field. Thus, leveraging their expertise into building a cyber security system on and for the blockchain.

Patrick Kim (CEO & Founder of Uppsala Foundation) Over 10 years of cyber security experience. Been part of Cisco, Palto Alto and Darktrace, which are prolific cyber security companies, where he held technically professional roles.
Article about Patrick's experience on DAO hack: https://ftalphaville.ft.com/2016/06/17/2166168/dao-hacking-and-dispute-resolution/
Hae Min Park(Co-founder head of operations) Strong sales background, being an account manager for multiple companies. Also filed for 2 patents while working in Penta Security Systems. Patent for detecting web application attack
John Kirch(Chief Evangelist) Held mostly high positions post in several tech companies (Mainly Cyber Security) with nearly over 20 years of leading technological companies and a track record of boosting companies' sales and reputation in Asia
Dayeol Lee(Core Development) Third place in Def Con CTF 2010, one of the world's largest hacking competition. Completed masters and pursuing a phd in computer science now. Software engineer for Penta Security System and WINS co. ltd.
Michael Zhou(Head of Threat Intelligence) Rich experience in threat detection and solution, with 5 years of experience in Palto Alto Networks, with several qualifications in the field of Cyber Security.
Narong Chong(Head of Security Operations) More than 10 years experience in providing IT solutions for customers, of which 5 years in Palto Alto Networks identifying and solving Customer's issues.
Guo Feng(Core Development) Assistant Vice President at Singapore Exchange SGX. Rich experience in programming and implementing IT solutions into companies. Held Prominent roles in companies like NCS Group,Accenture and SGX.
Minwoo Ku(Head of Product) Experienced in sales, Cyber Security designing for the past 20 years. Diversed specialization in both sales and cyber security.
Karly Choi(Head of Marketing) Assorted marketing experience in both technological and cyber security company. Niche in all sorts of marketing, offline or online.

Investors and business/technical partners (Alliance)

Sentinel Protocol has quite a impressive line ups of investors and partners alike. Both investors and partners are "Alliance" to Sentinel Protocol as most of the companies/projects in the alliance pose as a strategic partnership, promoting wide spread adoption for Sentinel Protocol.


Hashed Hashed has been a major venture capitalist for all sorts of projects. Notably, QSP,REQ,KNC,EOS,OMG, ETH and ICX.Sentinel Protocol is part of their accelerating projects along with ICX,MED and Coinmanager. (Easter eggs: Do look up how Coinmanager is signicant to Sentinel Protocol).
HyperChain Another prolific investors in many significant project in the crypto circle. Notably, ZIL,ELF,QTUM,STORJ,FUN,FCT.
Dalchemy Not sure if my researching is not deep enough or I can't find much info about Dalchemy
Signum Capital SIngapore based investment firm, strong presence in the asia crpypto market, with investments in crypto projects similar to above companies.
XSQ Singapore based investment firm with a strong team with different niche in their previous experiences. Been a part of 3 significant project which includes WABI,POA and BLZ
Kinetic Capital Website under Contruction. Will be writing more if their webpage is ready.

Business and Technical Partners

ICON A project that aims to "hyperconnect" the world with dapps being able to built on the ICON platform (Sentinel Protocol will be built on Icon). Part of the Interoperability Alliance to connect isolated chains to public networks. Also, tend to be called the "Korean Ethereum."
Kyber Network Kyber Network is one of the leading decentralized exchange with beta live now. (Easter eggs: Sentinel Protocol won Kyber Network's competition and it's one of the Business and Technical partner)
Zipper Blockchain based wallet that allows easier access to block chain based services.
Imtoken Chinese based Crypto wallet company.
Coin Manager Korean based Crypto wallet, a part of "accelerating project"" with HASHED. A wallet that shows prices between different blockchains, Market depth,and trade volume.
Soft Bank Venture Korea A company that invest in a series of companies and projects.


Much like the team and alliance, Sentinel Protocol has a strong line ups of advisors, all of which has robust background in the block chain world. Even though there are only 6 advisors to Sentinel Protocol, each one of them will provide Sentinel Protocol an Edge in the crypto world.

Simon Kim CEO of Hashed and also advisor to several popular projects like ICON and mediblocks.
John Ng Founder of Signum Capital, a serial entrepreneur who has founded several unique business in Singapore. Article on him: http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/lunch-meeting-platform-to-expand-reach-to-hobbyists
JH Kim One of the foundation council of ICON, CEO of theloop (https://www.theloop.co.k) with 20 years of experience in information security.
Hong Zhuang Lim CEO of XSQ.io, also serial entrepreneur. Used to own a farm to distribute food products to Asia countries. Then, to turn the farm into a crypto mining centre, which is he runs and manage. Article on him: http://www.straitstimes.com/business/companies-markets/from-farming-veggies-to-mining-digital-currencies
Wong Lee hong Executive advisor for Kyber Network. Worked with major financial institutions to develop Internet Banking Capability, Also having a regulatory management roles to deal with Banking regulators in Asia.
Kenneth Oh "Crypto Lawyer" Who helped local crypto startups as a legal advisor. One of the more prolific ICO he has been part of is TenX (PAY). Article on him: https://www.dealstreetasia.com/stories/kenneth-oh-dentons-rodyk-interview-2017-89305/
All of the advisors are solid and strategic to Sentinel Protocol, providing not only influence in the crypto world also ensuring that the growth of Sentinel Protocol is legit and Organic. To have advisors from a variety of professional background paths the way for Sentinel Protocol to be successful and to be competent in solving any shortcomings along the way.
All of the information are stated in brief details for easier reading and understanding. Will be doing up a more in depth post looking into the team's past experience and their significance in this project, also, some companies or projects in the alliance will be mentioned.
Easter Eggs Easter eggs are there for you guys DYOR (Do Your Own Research). I'm in no way part of the team (Though I'm hoping to be part of them), but I do contact with the team occasionally.

End Note

There are just too many things about the team, alliance and advisors to elaborate on in this post. But rest assured, All of the participating members in Sentinel Protocol are competent and driven with passion for the blockchain and cyber security industry. If I have the time, I will be writing a more in depth analysis of the team, alliance and advisors, to better educate anyone who is interested in Sentinel Protocol.
I will be writing up a breakdown of the whitepaper, making it easier for new comers to read and understand Sentinel Protocol.
Who am I is up to you to find out.
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2017.11.05 06:45 SirBuckeye This Week In KPOP - November 4, 2017

Welcome to This Week In KPOP, a collection of everything you may have missed during the past week on /kpop.

October 28 - November 3, 2017


Votes Thread Comments
+2200 BTS to perform on the American Music Awards on November 19th 296 comments
+1695 Twice is on the front page of my local newspaper 91 comments
+1234 Red Velvet to make comeback in November 138 comments
+1107 BTS and Big Hit Ent partner with Korean Committee for UNICEF for LOVE MYSELF campaign 104 comments
+949 It is true that we have received offers to appear on programs overseas, Ellen Degeneres is one of those - BigHit 159 comments


Votes Thread Comments
+1130 [Dance Practice] SNSD - I Got A Boy (Dance Practice Full) 104 comments
+870 [Live] Comeback Stage: TWICE - LIKEY @ Mnet M Countdown (171102) 146 comments
+815 [Dance Practice] TWICE - LIKEY 58 comments
+466 [Live] Comeback Stage: LOONA/ODD EYE CIRCLE - Sweet Crazy Love @ Mnet M Countdown (171102) 46 comments
+356 [Variety] TWICE - LIKEY 2X faster version @ Weekly Idol (171101) 22 comments


Votes Thread Comments
+240 The Canadians of Korea's Music Industry 112 comments
+228 Best Halloween idol costume? 113 comments
+216 If you can make a song(s) blow up to be more popular than it originally was, what would you choose? 260 comments
+190 Spotlight - Sistar 29 comments
+140 Is there a certain trait that a lot of idols have that you dislike? 296 comments


Date Performances Discussion Thread Winner
20171028 Music Core No Broadcast. No Winner.
20171029 Inkigayo No Thread. ---BTOB---
20171031 The Show No Broadcast. No Winner.
20171101 Show Champion No Broadcast No Winner.
20171103 M!Countdown Thread ---BTOB---
20171104 Music Bank Thread Epik High


Day Artist Album Title Music Video Streaming
28th Ha Minwoo (ZE:A) The Rosso Spotify
NRG 20th Century 20th Century Night Spotify
Playback Want You to Say Want You to Say Spotify
29th Gavy NJ You said you were happy You said you were happy Spotify
MIXNINE Just Dance Just Dance Spotify
Voisper Save As Save As Spotify
30th BUMZU JUST JUST Spotify
Thunder Ringxiety Ringxiety Spotify
TWICE Twicestagram Likey
Yoon Jong Shin I Am You I Am You Spotify
31st ODD EYE CIRCLE (LOONA) Max & Match Sweet Crazy Love Spotify
Juniel Ordinary things I Drink Alone Spotify
Sung Si Kyung Holding on to You Holding on to You Spotify
1st G-Dragon (Big Bang) Kwon Ji Yong
Stray Kids Hellevator Hellevator
The Rose Like We Used To Like We Used To Spotify
ASTRO Dream Part.02 Crazy Sexy Cool Spotify
Stella Jang Cheerleader Cheerleader (feat. Olltii)
2nd VAV She's Mine She's Mine Spotify
Eddy Kim Bet on Me Bet on Me Spotify
Hyungseob x Euiwoong The Moment of Memory It Will Be Good Spotify
Woo Won Jae Anxiety loop / Paranoid Spotify
3rd SOLE RIDE RIDE Spotify
10cm x Chen (EXO) Bye Babe Bye Babe Spotify
Bang Minah (Girl's Day) Other way 11° Spotify
MIND U Dear If Spotify
The full chart of all releases including OSTs and indie artists can be found here or in the sidebar. The chart is updated regularly and a new one is published every month.

"This Week in KPOP" Archive

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2017.09.27 07:41 OH_mes KBS Idol Rebooting Program 'The Unit' — Format + Mentors & Idols List

(Note - Every single person listed here was based off a source of some kind. I haven't added them here because of all the time it would take but if anyone wants a source on a specific person I will find it for you again. Mods pls no delete.)
Let me know if I have anything wrong, whether it be idols in the wrong category, debut years/groups, etc.
KBS Idol Rebooting Program - The Unit
Role Artist Status
MC Rain Confirmed
Rap San E Confirmed
Vocals Hwang Chi Yeol Confirmed
Vocals Urban Zakapa's Jo Hyuna Confirmed
Performance Hyuna Confirmed
Performance SHINee Taemin Confirmed
Male Members
Artist Agency Group Debut Year
Donglim ???? DMTN 2010
Donghyun Starship Entertainment BOYFRIEND 2011
Jeongmin Starship Entertainment BOYFRIEND 2011
Kwangmin Starship Entertainment BOYFRIEND 2011
Minwoo Starship Entertainment BOYFRIEND 2011
Hoik Imagine Asia AA 2011
Chaejin H2 Media MYNAME 2011
Gunwoo H2 Media MYNAME 2011
Seyong H2 Media MYNAME 2011
Raehwan Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR 2012
Feeldog Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR 2012
Sunghak Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR 2012
Jude Brave Entertainment BIGSTAR 2012
Tey Winning InSight MR.MR 2012
Sejun MBK Entertainment SPEED 2012
Kanto Brand New Music Solo (Troy) 2013 (2014)
Onejunn Universal Music Boys Republic 2013
Sunwoo Universal Music Boys Republic 2013
Sungjun Universal Music Boys Republic 2013
Minsu Universal Music Boys Republic 2013
Suwoong Universal Music Boys Republic 2013
Hojoon Hunus Entertainment Topp Dogg 2013
Sangdo Hunus Entertainment Topp Dogg 2013
B-Joo Hunus Entertainment Topp Dogg 2013
Xero Hunus Entertainment Topp Dogg 2013
Yano Hunus Entertainment Topp Dogg 2013
HighTop HO Company BIGFLO 2014
Ron HO Company BIGFLO 2014
Timoteo Star Crew Entertainment HOTSHOT 2014
Hojung Star Crew Entertainment HOTSHOT 2014
Han Jae Suk One and One Stars Actor 2014
Jun NH Media U-KISS 2014
Ryu Phillip Star Empire SoReal 2014
Sanghyun Winning InSight MR.MR 2015
Jaemin Winning InSight MR.MR 2015
KIO MBK Entertainment SPEED 2015
Jeup Star Empire IMFACT 2016
Taeho Star Empire IMFACT 2016
Jian Star Empire IMFACT 2016
Ungjae Star Empire IMFACT 2016
Son Dong Myung RBW Entertainment MAS 2016
K JSL Company TopSecret 2017
Yohan JSL Company TopSecret 2017
Ain JSL Company TopSecret 2017
Junghoon JSL Company TopSecret 2017
Yonghyeon JSL Company TopSecret 2017
Kyeongha JSL Company TopSecret 2017
Lex HO Company BIGFLO 2017
Sungmin HO Company BIGFLO 2017
Euijin HO Company BIGFLO 2017
Jun Beat Interactive A.C.E 2017
Yuha OUI Entertainment OUIKID 2017
1BELL OUI Entertainment OUIKID 2017
Female Members
Artist Agency Group Debut Year
Jisun Vine Entertainment Girl's Day 2010
Serri Happy Face Entertainment Dal Shabet 2011
Jiwon B2M Entertainment SPICA 2012
Woohee Happy Face Entertainment Dal Shabet 2012
Mint JSL Company Tiny-G 2012
Areum DWM Entertainment T-ara 2012
Ami Zenith Media Contents N.E.P 2012
Coco Mole Entertainment BLADY 2013
Nari Mafia Records Wassup 2013
Jiae Mafia Records Wassup 2013
NC.A JJ Holic Media Soloist 2013
Haseo Unknown agency? Fwaney with Summit 2013
Yeoeun Cre.Ker Entertainment Melody Day 2014
Chahee Cre.Ker Entertainment Melody Day 2014
Yoomin Cre.Ker Entertainment Melody Day 2014
Euijin TS Entertainment Sonamoo 2014
Hyunjoo DSP Media April 2015
Yebin MBK Entertainment DIA 2015
Pureum PR Entertainment Baba 2015
Seoae PR Entertainment Baba 2015
Suji Music K The Ark 2015
Lina Zenith Media Contents Wanna.B 2015
Seoli PR Entertainment Baba 2016
Jinri PR Entertainment Baba 2016
Saei PR Entertainment Baba 2016
Yujeong Brave Entertainment Brave Girls 2016
Eunji Brave Entertainment Brave Girls 2016
Yuna Brave Entertainment Brave Girls 2016
Saebyeol Box Media Matilda 2016
Haena Box Media Matilda 2016
Dan-A Box Media Matilda 2016
Semmi Box Media Matilda 2016
Seol Ha Yoon TSM Entertainment Soloist 2016
I WM Entertainment Soloist 2017
Leeda Trivus Entertainment 1NB 2017
Ha Jung Trivus Entertainment 1NB 2017
Somyi MBK Entertainment DIA 2017
Eun Byeol Zenith Media Contents LipBubble 2017
Han Bi Zenith Media Contents LipBubble 2017
Soon-E Hoonstar Entertainment S.E.T 2017
Eun-E Hoonstar Entertainment S.E.T 2017
Tae-E Hoonstar Entertainment S.E.T 2017
Park Sisters ??? ??? ????
Confirmed Group but specific members not announced
Artist Agency Debut Year
Snuper Widmay Entertainment 2015
MVP PH Entertainment 2017
"Reported or In Discussion Idols/Groups"
Artist Agency Group Debut Year
Janey MBK Entertainment GP Basic 2010
Seungjin DSP Media A-JAX 2012
Yoonjo No Agency? Hello Venus 2012
Hyeyeon YNB Entertainment BESTie 2012
Kang Minhee Brand New Music Miss $ 2012
- Global H Laboum 2014
Seongho Elen Entertainment BEATWIN 2014
Euna Kim Maroo Entertainment The Ark 2015
Junghee DSP Media A-JAX 2016
The King Black Hole Entertainment BLACK6IX 2017
Companies announced to join, but no artist revealed (Potential artists)
Agency Potential Groups
Apple of the Eye Royal Pirates
Arc Partners ????
BG Entertainment Kim Soo Yoon
Banana Culture Shin Ji Soo, Sung Eun, Rare Potato
C9 Entertainment GOODDAY, Juniel
Climix Entertainment S2
DSP Media A-JAX, APRIL, Cho Siyoon, Kasper
Double S ????
Elijah Entertainment G-REYISH
Fantagio Hello Venus, Surprise U, 5urprise
GH Entertainment Apple.B, B.I.G, TINT
Hyunda Company Baby Boo
JN Entertainment Hwang Ki Chun, Z-UK
Kiwi Media Group Wable, Nick And Sammy, Former SPEED Taeha
Mad Soul Child Rubber Soul
Music Factory Entertainment Say Yes
Namoo Actors Kim Jaekyung, Kim Hyang Gi, Kim Hyo Jin, Lee Shin Sung
Nanum Entertainment Shim Jin Hwa
New Planet Entertainment H.U.B
One and One Stars Seo Eun Woo
Pledis Entertainment After School
Rainbow Entertainment ????
STL Entertainment A.KOR, Dabit
Show Works ???
Snowball Entertainment Lee Bo Lim, Lim Chae Yeon
TOP Media Teen Top, UP10TION, 100%
Tajoy Entertainment Kim Su Yeon
The Queen AMC Lee Tae Sung
Wings Entertainment A.CIAN, AMI
Yama & Hotchicks SEEART
Young Music ????
ZOO Entertainment Badkiz
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2016.12.17 06:05 balloon_wanted MBC Duet Song Festival - Ep.33 [161216]

Part 1, Part 2 (Ep.34) are where winners and returnees are determined will be next week!
What is Duet Song Festival?
taken from Wikiepedia
Seven celebrity artists choose a non-celebrity partner from a selection of people who submit performances to perform a duet of their choice. Each pair is given exactly 4 minutes to perform and earn votes from the 500 live voters in the audience and the celebrity panel. The order is selected by the current first place duo, and with the exception of the pilot episodes, the winner of the previous episode chooses the first performance. The voting results are shown directly on the screen behind the performers, and at the end of all the performances, the duo with the highest vote count is the winner for the episode. The winners are invited back to the show for the next episode, and another duo is chosen for "The Duet You Want To See Again" by the audience to be revived for the next episode as well.
In order of performance:
Competitors (Singer + Selected Contestant) Song Performed Scores
Bong9 (Gilgu Bonggu) and Kwon Seeun Kim Minwoo's It Was In Just Love 413
Hani (EXID) and Chae Changwook Kiha and The Faces' Cheap Coffee 369
Muzie and Park Hyunjoo Solid's You're My First and Last 406
KCM and Yoo Dami Wax's Fix My Makeup 419
Solbi and Lee Hyungook Cho PD's My Friend (feat. Insooni) 411
Wheesung and Ahn Soomin [Bolbbalgan4's Galaxy]() 422
Kim Hyunjung and Jang Hanmong TWICE's TT 411
Full cuts:
Bong9 and Kwon Seeun
Hani and Chae Changwook
KCM and Yoo Dami
Solbi and Lee Hyungook
Wheesung and Ahn Soomin
Preview for next week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXQr1eWn9jE
Full Episode [RAW]
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Boyfriend dancing girl group's songs Pretty Boy - BOYFRIEND [ Minwoo ] Member of Boyfriend Min Woo Dancing!!! Boyfriend Minwoo Dance Cut [Remix] Minwoo Boyfriend - Sexy dance yahhh !!! No Minwoo «MINUE» —Dr.K/ Jang Cheol [Partners for Justice 2]~ M Lee Minwoo- Boyfriend Boyfriend Minwoo Dance 141126 BOYFRIEND MINWOO - I don't know(A Pink) Dance cut ... 160503 BOYFRIEND MINWOO

Minwoo Choi - President - Trillion Star Capital LLC LinkedIn

  1. Boyfriend dancing girl group's songs
  2. Pretty Boy - BOYFRIEND [ Minwoo ]
  3. Member of Boyfriend Min Woo Dancing!!!
  4. Boyfriend Minwoo Dance Cut
  5. [Remix] Minwoo Boyfriend - Sexy dance yahhh !!!
  6. No Minwoo «MINUE» —Dr.K/ Jang Cheol [Partners for Justice 2]~
  7. M Lee Minwoo- Boyfriend
  8. Boyfriend Minwoo Dance
  9. 141126 BOYFRIEND MINWOO - I don't know(A Pink) Dance cut ...

160313 BOYFRIEND MINWOO SOLO STAGE (Singapore) - Duration: 2:24. francesca hajar Recommended for you. 2:24. Top 10 Cringiest Halftime Show Moments - Duration: 11:53. so cuteeeeeee ㅋㅋㅋ Boyfriend - Minwoo Cute Moments - Duration: 3:34. pinkredbie 69,105 views. 3:34. After School Club-BOYFRIEND girl group dance cover 걸그룹댄스 커버하는 보이프렌드 - Duration: 5:31. The next video is starting stop. Loading... Watch Queue [Heyo idol TV] BOYFRIEND - Minwoo Justin Bieber Dance Cover [보이프렌드의 사생활] 20160518 - Duration: 1:13. MBCkpop 69,414 views. 1:13. 50+ videos Play all Mix - M Lee Minwoo- Boyfriend YouTube; 12 Year Old Boy Humiliates Simon Cowell - Duration: 5:37. LosGranosTV Recommended for you. 5:37. 121223 ... [Heyo idol TV] BOYFRIEND - Minwoo Justin Bieber Dance Cover [보이프렌드의 사생활] 20160518 - Duration: 1:13. MBCkpop 69,260 views. 1:13. oppa so cute..i wish i can hug yew hahahaa LMAO [Heyo idol TV] BOYFRIEND - Minwoo Justin Bieber Dance Cover [보이프렌드의 사생활] 20160518 - Duration: 1:13. MBCkpop 69,357 views. 1:13 No Min Woo Partners for Justice 2 / 검법남녀 시즌2 - Duration: 6:53. Green Blood 3,894 views. 6:53 [LIVE CLIP] GRAVITY - Duration: 4:36. 노민우 MINUE 68,491 views. 4:36